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Dear KMmers/KMates from NTU WKWSCI, finally we have a private ba/water cooler corner. Please look out for this space for more post it notes and journals related to our uniquely own post study socialize activities.


KM Journal, which is a platform for alumnus to get-together and form a closer ties based on the basis of knowledge management spirit with lifelong learning and community building.



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Please don't put the knowledge in vain and fully unleash the potential of KM community and start sharing.


Unveil the experiences in our KM journey and keep everyone aware and let's perform AAR like what we did before, which act as a continuum of where we stopped the last time altogether once again! 


Nonetheless, the most important factor we earned from KM is socialize and here is the platform for all of us; let's socialize!


A surprise from Internet search result, contribute to Theint Theint, Kai Wen, Erika, Angeline and myself. Should we thanks Joan Marcia O’Connor’?  

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Apr 10th, 2016

Hello everyone … :) When one of my classmate/fris Don told me to write about short story of me, I said Yes and couldn't write it for long time … :D … But finally I have the chance to write down.   After i've finished KM, i started working at A' Lister Oil and Gas company as Business...

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Jul 15th, 2015

Many people have asked (and continue to ask) why I started OpenlySolved. This is the reason, from the knowledge management perspective.   Education is an area where the application of knowledge management is severely neglected. This is lamentable because education can really benefit from it....

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May 1st, 2015